Michael’s AM Updates: Expansion, Menu Items, and More!

Michael’s AM Updates: Expansion, Menu Items, and More!

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Between the expansion of our space and our made-from-scratch menu, we’re keeping mighty busy here at Michael’s AM! Many of you have been asking for an update on our activities, so we’d like to bring you all up to date on everything that we’re up to.

Expansion Updates

We are currently awaiting approval and permits from the city to move forward with our floorplan design. In the meantime, we are reviewing bids from contractors and equipment providers so that we will be ready to go as soon as possible. However, we are giving each stage of this process a great deal of thought and consideration.

One of the most important things we are evaluating is the impact that the expansion will have on our kitchen staff. We want to cut down on wait times for tables, but we don’t want that to translate into longer wait times for food. So, while the final expansion will give us space for 50 additional people, we will not add all of the tables at once. Instead, we will start by adding a few tables, evaluating the impact it has on our kitchen, and making adjustments as we go. We appreciate your patience as we move through this process—we want to do this right the first time.

Also, we will not be tearing down any walls. We will put a door in the wall and keep the two spaces separate, as we want to preserve the atmosphere of our current dining room. We will keep you all updated as plans move along.

Michael’s Test Kitchen Items

We are continuing to experiment with new menu items—always homemade, using organic ingredients from local providers whenever possible. In addition to our recently released French Crepes, we will soon be making Dutch Pennekoeken (pronounced pan-nee-cuk-en), which are baked mini pancakes. If you have ever traveled to Holland you know they are a real treat.

We are also working on homemade sourdough and rye breads for sandwiches, Strawberry baked French toast, gluten-free pastries, and baked donuts. Stay tuned!

Dinner- Coming Soon

Once the expansion is complete, we are planning to stay open for dinner on Friday and Saturday nights! Right now, our Wednesday specials include entrees that will be offered as part of this dinner menu. Items may include pasta dishes, pork chops, swordfish, and more.

Locally-Sourced & Humanely Treated

As part of our commitment to using locally sourced ingredients, Dumas’s Meats Canadian Bacon supplies us with the meat for our house bacon, and we are looking at several organic turkey producers in Ohio for our fresh turkey needs. Producers must subscribe to the human treatment of their birds, and be free of antibiotics, steroids or hormones in the raising of their flocks.

Price Adjustment

We recently reduced the prices on our coffee and tea. Just another part of our ongoing process to serve you the highest quality meals at reasonable prices.
As always, thank you for your continued patronage and support of our restaurant. Although we have a lot of exciting changes happening, we hope you take comfort in our commitment to keeping our restaurant just as friendly, welcoming, and cozy as it’s always been.

With love and toast,

The Michael’s AM Staff

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