New Crepe Flavors at Michael’s AM

New Crepe Flavors at Michael’s AM

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As we mentioned in an earlier blog post, our cooks are becoming mad scientists in the kitchen with a host of new, experimental menu items. Our crepes have gone over so well with our customers that we’ve been testing out a wide variety of new flavors! Here are a few that we’ve been trying out lately:

  • Orange cream with fresh strawberries
  • Honey whipped cream with blueberry sauce
  • Whipped nutella cream with bananas

In addition to crepes, our bakery case has been stocked up with a new Italian love cake, Orange Dreamsicle/Chocolate Bundt cakes, and our famous carrot cake. We now also have cranberry cornbread available daily.

We’re having fun trying out new things, but most importantly, we hope it’s been enjoyable for all of you. If you’ve had a chance to sample any of these crazy creations, leave us a comment online, or send an email ( to us know what you think!

With love and toast,

The Michael’s AM Crew